Kayla Calder

Strategy consultant and project manager working with not-for-profits and independent businesses across Canada.

Kayla Calder - Strategy Consultant

What’s My Story?

I’ve worked in and alongside NFPs and small businesses for more than a decade, primarily in development, stakeholder engagement, communications, and project management. I’m a creative problem solver who sees the forest and the trees. I’m here to make your life easier and your work a little more fun.

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Communications & Engagement

Websites, newsletters, and campaigns – oh my! I love a good story and can help you tell yours to a wide range of audiences.

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Revenue Development

Whether you’re not-for-profit or building your business, you’re going to need an iron-clad revenue strategy.

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Operational Design

Your organization or business is only as good as its ability to perform. Let me work with you to create an operations plan that is built to last.

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Policy & Research

You don’t exist in a vacuum. Whether it’s through market research or government relations, I’ll help you analyze and thrive in your industry.

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Presentation & Facilitation

Need to educate your community, train your staff, or show off your work? Together, we’ll build a comprehensive and memorable presentation.

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Event Production

Events are much more than choosing the time and place. I can work with you from brainstorm to debrief, ensuring every aspect of your event is best-in-class.

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Bridge the Gap

In an ideal world, nothing would be done off the side of your desk. I’ll provide immediate, full-service support and help you plan for the future. Whatever the project or pain point, I’m your gal.

Get In Touch

If I sound like someone you want to work with, the feeling is probably mutual. So, let’s talk!

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